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5 Reasons People are going Tiny

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

By Scott Dye

Take a look at the housing market today and you are sure to run across information related to tiny homes. What was once considered a passing fad and only for a small segment of the population, has now become a mainstream movement.

Interestingly, the motivations for transitioning to “tiny living” are as varied as the diverse customer base drawn to them. Let’s explore five major reasons why you should consider going tiny: Affordable housing: The cost of housing, whether it be via mortgage or rent, continues to rise creating a breaking point for many. For example, people are asking themselves, “why am I spending $700 - $1,300 in rent for a studio apartment?!”

This money can instead be put toward home ownership that can become an asset as opposed to just another monthly expense. Having set costs with the potential to free up more of your money, is an increasingly attractive option for any age group. This is especially true for retirees as they often have a fixed income. Downsizing: If the booming storage-room industry is any indication, Americans have a lot of stuff. The more things we own, the more and more space we need for storage. In response to this reality, many are choosing to downsize their lives and the first place this can start is with your home.

In traditional homes, it’s amazing how many non essential items we can buy (we’re looking at you bathroom television!). Inevitably, if there’s an open area in the home, something will be purchased to fill the space.

Herein lies the beauty of a tiny home: only the possessions you love “make the cut.” That can be a frightening thought at first, but once the process is started, many find it to be truly liberating! Life Balance: What would you do with your free time if you only needed one hour to clean your entire home? In our fast paced society it often seems like we go from an intense work meeting directly to a huge “To Do” list as soon as we walk in the front door.

Unfortunately, our work/life balance can become, well, unbalanced. A big benefit to tiny home living, is making chores tiny too. Spend your Saturday with family, at the beach with friends, even reading that book you’ve been meaning to get to or do anything besides dusting your eight-foot tall bookshelf.

The potential of easier upkeep and less maintenance can also free you up to pursue other passions. Whether it be traveling, writing a book or starting that small business you’ve been dreaming of.

Whatever you choose, you won’t regret having extra time to invest in yourself. Secondary income: The massive popularity of companies like Airbnb have changed the way people think about travel. More than ever, travelers want unique lodging opportunities that have more to offer than a generic hotel.

Tiny homes fit in perfectly with this budding industry. Renting out your tiny home on a nightly basis is a great way to establish a secondary income source as well. The public’s growing curiosity has created a demand in many locations to see what smaller living is all about.

Keep in mind, it’s important to research and learn exactly where a tiny home can be placed, as rules and regulations vary depending on where you live. With the right set up and location though, your tiny home could start earning money for you early on!

In some cases, homeowners have even decided to move into their new tiny home and rent out their traditional house instead. Environmental Impact: A motivation for some customers to go tiny is to reduce their environmental footprint. Naturally, a smaller home puts less stress on the environment as it requires fewer resources to construct. A tiny house also typically requires less water, electricity and/or gas during normal operation.

While this may not be a motivating factor for everyone, an electrical bill at a fraction of the previous cost, is a beautiful thing no matter how you look at it. This can be seen as a “win-win”, as we are also preserving our natural resources for future generations.

Looking ahead, as cost of living continues to increase, “going green” has the potential to save you a lot of green as well! All things considered, tiny home ownership can offer many exciting opportunities. If these options appeal to you, please consider Sanctuary Tiny Homes in Orlando, Florida as your speciality home builder.

Our team has 75 years of construction experience and believes in creating one-of-a-kind homes for every customers. Furthermore, we strive to be environmentally responsible with each tiny we build by providing a project manager trained in sustainability from Harvard University.

Above all though, Sanctuary has a policy of people over profits. For each and every tiny home we sell, we donate 10% of our profits to Nurturing Hope for the Nations. This is an organization that provides daily food and education to children living in Kibera, Kenya, one of the most densely populated slums in the world.

Sanctuary, which was featured on HGTV and the DIY Network, is also proud to share that every home we build is National Organization of Alternative Housing (NOAH) certified. We’ve teamed with this industry-leading certifier to ensure the highest standard of quality for all of our homes.

Ultimately, we love building for people across the nation and strive to enrich lives along the way. Please contact Sanctuary today for more information and to set up a consultation. We hope you will let us make a tiny house a tiny home for you.

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