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So, how do I pay for a tiny home?

By Scott Dye

Let’s face it, after being in the tiny home industry for quite some time, there are a few statements we have become accustomed to hearing. A few of these “staples” include:

1. I loooove watching tiny house shows on HGTV!

I must admit, the shows are pretty entertaining. And you really can’t beat the locations where the houses are built. An island off the west coast of Canada? The mountains of Colorado? Costa Rica? Yes please to all of the above.

2. I could never live in one!

There are certainly some people that feel this way.

3. I would sell everything and move in tomorrow!

We hear this more than you might think.

4. Tiny houses are sooo cool!

This is accompanied by a huge grin and sometimes an unexpected hug.

Aside from the fun comments above, we also field many questions, understandably, from prospective tiny home owners. These inquiries can vary as much as the people who ask, but we’ve found that one question stands above all the others…

So, how do I pay for a tiny home?

Great question! Thankfully, Sanctuary Tiny Homes provides several options to choose from. Let’s cover the basics first. We understand everyone’s financial situation is different, so naturally our customers will choose what works best for them. These include:

  • A loan from a family member

  • Personal bank loan

  • RV loan (depending on their definition of an RV)

  • Good old fashioned cash

Fortunately, we have one more exciting alternative to bring your tiny house dreams to life - special tiny house financing! Our experience and relationships in the tiny home business give Sanctuary access to this industry-leading option. As a qualified builder, we were specifically chosen to offer this unique loan! These remarkable financing terms can be for up to 25 years with as little as 5% down. The approval process is fast and only requires a minimal amount of supporting documents. Also, unlike many other loans, our financing can include sales tax, licensing and transportation to your location! Of course, not all customers will qualify, but for those that do, an affordable payment is within reach.

And really, affordability and living within our means is at the heart of the tiny house movement. Sanctuary Tiny Homes believes each customer should have a tiny they are proud to call home, as well as a payment that doesn’t break the bank. You need time to spend with family, enjoy the outdoors and of course watch all those tiny home shows!

For next steps, please call us at  407-308-5163  or send an email to info@sanctuarytinyhomes.com

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